Great riddles and puzzles, unforgettable ambience, well‑prepared design of the rooms. Let us take you to the different world!

Prices starts from 90 PLN for 60 min of an incredible adventure! We also can prepare a special offer for you.

Challenges in real time, teamwork and a great adventure. Take a look at the Rooms tab and find out more!

What is an


Lock and Roll is an adventure that takes place in real time. In the room you need to find a hidden object or a key together with your team. It is not that easy because to come up with a solution you are supposed to solve a series of riddles relying on observation, reasoning skills and cleverness of game participants. Bunch your friends up and take a challenge!



We are a safe escape room in Krakow. We offer brand new riddles and the difficulty level is developed in such a way that nobody gets bored within a game. Also, original atmosphere and design is our flagship.


The equipment and the construction used for creating riddles were prepared from scratch so that you can have the best fun ever. This is a definite end of poorly furnished and dull rooms! Get ready for a real adventure!


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